Fast Cash – $5,000

Fast Cash Instructions

Step 1:
Touch with your pointing finger the Holy Land Leaves and count to seven… then gently touch your tongue and feel the anointing flow.  Let the speed in which you feel the anointing in your mouth be a sign of the speed to which the Fast Cash will flow into all areas of your life.
Step 2:Touch the “Fast Cash $5,000” Sticker with your pointing finger for seven seconds and then touch your shoe that you will be wearing today, so that with every step you take, you will be declaring that you are stepping into the realm of Super Fast Cash being released in all areas of your life, money will flow to you in ways you could never imagine.
Step 3:
This symbolizes Jacobs Well where Jesus ministered to the woman who had 5 husbands. As you touch the well with your pointing finger for seven seconds, just as Jesus was able to discern the woman’s situation, you will supernaturally discern the way out of troubling situations that God has prepared for you.

Repeat this prayer ONLY ONCE that I will also say on your behalf, “Father, who art in Heaven, I ask for a quick miracle throughout the remainder of 2023 and command that Fast Cash to flow into my hands.  I pray for my loved ones and stand in expectation of great financial success and breakthrough in all areas of their lives.  Thank you for sending me your Prophet, I will be obedient to the teaching of Jesus and follow this Man of God, Now I thank you for what is, and what is to come”…AMEN!  AMEN! AMEN!

SOW A SEED OF $60.00 NOW, YES $60.00 NOW or A DOUBLE PORTION BLESSING OF $120.00. If you are serious about seeing healing in your life, you have to ACT URGENTLY!
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