Ministry Update

BUILDING MORE INTO OUR MINISTRY…is more than a dream… IT IS REAL! The wonderful things the Ministry of Reverend Peter Popoff has been able to accomplish is staggering tof the average person.

It’s been a dream in his heart to reach out and help people who need help in the worst way.

Because of your support we have been able to help build and help support 20 orphanages to take hundreds of children off the street and raise them in a caring, loving, Christian atmosphere.

Over 120 Churches have been established in the former Soviet Union and daily lives are saved through their compassionate care and powerful outreach. Your support enables us to pray and help multitudes, and also be used of God in the most profound way to heal and help hurting people around the world. For many years we were the only ministry that risked the lives of our couriers to smuggle Bibles into Russia and China behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains. Today the Iron Curtain is torn down. We believe the day will come when all the hurting and
diseased will be reached and cared for.

ministry is determined by its ability to effectively minister to those whom it reaches out to. God has united you with this ministry and He has enabled us to give to you the most PERSONAL CARE of any ministry on the face of the earth. Every letter is read, your PERSONAL NEEDS are recorded in Rev. Peter Popoff’s private file. He’s able at any time, day or night to go to your name and personally pray over the EXACT NEED that you have sent to him. He not only knows who you are but where you are hurting. His letters mention your needs because this is the way he expresses his heart-felt personal care. You’ll never, never be alone again.

Since the founding of this ministry over one million persons have been touched by God and received their miracle. An outpouring of letters and calls every day tell us, “I am happier now”… “My body is healed”… “I feel better than I have in my life”… “The money I needed came just as you prophesied.”… “My marriage is happier than ever”… “The cancer is gone”… “I just received an unexpected amount of money… just like you said,”…

We do face reality and know that all changes do not occur overnight – that’s where this ministry is PROVEN. Rev. Peter Popoff sticks with you, praying, believing, challenging your faith… UNTIL IT HAPPENS. Don’t give up, your miracle is next.