Persecuted Church

This Ministry has been closely and intimately involved with those persecuted for their faith for almost four decades.

Those who are part of the underground church, the persecuted church, have long been the object of our prayers, support, and focus. We have aided pastors, supported underground missionaries and churches, as well as sent millions of pieces of literature to further fan the flame of revival in areas where the Gospel is restricted or forbidden. We have sent the Word of God and held up the name of Jesus Christ often in the face of tremendous opposition and persecution.

Our methods have often been unorthodox but we have used every means that God has made available to us to get the Word into the hands of spiritually hungry men and women.

In the 1980s and ’90s, we used helium filled balloons to bombard cities and whole areas with the Gospel. Many packets filled with Gospels were sealed in watertight coverings and carried by the tides on to teachers in areas where the Gospel was forbidden.

The results of these Gospel Invasions were absolutely phenomenal.

This ministry has helped to build many churches in areas where the Communist governments had torn all churches down. We’ve helped build and support orphanages that are thriving today.

Over the past two decades we have sponsored over 140 churches and 20 orphanages. It’s impossible to give exact statistics because of the explosive growth – but when one church is opened… the mother church… they then (the mother church) open up 10 or 15 more additional churches. They then send missionaries to the Muslim Republics and Siberia and establish new churches there.

Tons of literature that we have printed and distributed in Russia and China has produced an awesome harvest of souls.

Today in China, the many thousands of house churches are raising up an army of one million young men and women who are determined to evangelize the entire Muslim world. Think of it, one million soldiers on the march for Jesus Christ!

Many are walking across India toward Jerusalem to reach and evangelize the entire Muslim world. Because the Chinese are very poor, these young soldiers for Christ walk the hundreds and even thousands of miles to reach their destinations. They fear neither martyrdom or hardship.

Picture it, one million Chinese missionaries walking to invade nations with a powerful testimony of Jesus Christ! This is an amazing move of God; another modern day exodus of God’s people invading nations behind curtains of darkness! God’s Kingdom is on the move, advancing forward with power and authority in the glorious name of Jesus.

In Africa we launched a free medical outpatient children’s hospital staffed by doctors who are believers and powerful witnesses for Christ. This was a major sign to unbelievers that the love and compassion of Jesus Christ is real and working in the earth today!